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Dec 17th, 2013

Too busy to update the blog!

Will be back in a bit <3

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Dec 6th, 2013

Seems like a douchebag but okay. 
If he comes to Singapore, I'd go. 

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Nov 25th, 2013

I have this pocket bag that's printed in monogram, it's a sample for the shop and I carry it around. It didn't make it to production so I guess you can say that in global production there is only one piece.


I have been carrying it around for about 2 months thinking about how funny it is because it's the only one and it's supposed to be branded but it's just... not.


And yesterday a friend told me that she thought my bag is funny... so I was like, 'finally someone got it~'


The same goes for this blog. I don't have time to post my rambling thoughts anymore, this is what I really want to post, so I hope you like reading my blog.


And if you really don't like my posts, you can read any blog on this list, because it's the best blog in the world.


Peace out and just chill, because life is short and I can't really help you, I can only try my best.

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Nov 14th, 2013

"You can call me queen bee"

Back Story:

Back in the summer of 1981, Queen and David Bowie happened to be recording material in separate studios in Montreux, Switzerland’s Mountain Studios. After a night of binge drinking Queen and David Bowie came up with one of the most killer rock songs written in years. Here we have the unbelievable isolated vocal tracks from that song.


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Nov 13th, 2013

I like her puff (pouf..?)

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Nov 11th, 2013

#afilmtowatchbeforeyoudie #stephieshopstyleicon

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Nov 5th, 2013



- 5 boys

- How Much They Love You

- Lots of Use of Standing Retro-Looking Microphones