Dipped Hem Dress in Crimson

Product Code: J004 - Crimson
Price: SGD 32.90

Exclusively designed by our team, the 'Made By Stephie's Shop' label is created to dress a proper lady. You will find the most classic dresses made from the highest quality, simple yet very classy. Most importantly, they are wearable for any occasion, from formal to an easy day out.

Features a boat neckline, sleeveless styling, fitted waist, concealed side zip, wide flare skirt design, highlighting a fishtail effect. Material is quality, thick cotton.

Available sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Colour: Crimson
Material: Cotton
Laundry Care: Handwash suggested, without soaking.

Chest: 17 inches PTP
Waist: 12.5 inches
Length: 34.5 inches (front) / 38.5 inches (back)

Chest: 18 inches PTP
Waist: 13.5 inches
Length: 34.5 inches (front) / 38.5 inches (back)

Chest: 19 inches PTP
Waist: 14.5 inches
Length: 36.5 inches (front) / 40.5 inches (back)